Arizona Neighborhood Alliance

Our Goal is to Protect the Residential Integrity of Arizona’s Neighborhoods

There are many groups, alliances, and coalitions around Arizona that are working on various issues within their communities. Our mission is to connect these groups in an effort to all work together to create change through policy, solve problems, and strengthen Arizona’s neighborhoods.

There is strength in numbers!

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While the problems facing each community in Arizona are not the same, they are all related: whole unit short term rentals, homelessness, opioids / fentanyl, and crime.

Click on the interactive map above to see the affect some of these issues are having on housing availability in Central Arizona communities today.

Electing Arizona candidates who support returning local control of short term rentals, is imperative this year. Click the image above to see the AZ candidate spreadsheet.

The Impact of Whole Unit Short Term Rentals on Arizona Neighborhoods is Staggering


Sedona’s reduction in schools population


Paradise Valley
increase in nuisance calls to PD police


Arizona statewide mushroom of STRs in just four years, on 60 rental site platforms

1 in 4

Single-family homes in the U.S. is owned by investors

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